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Baby Fun Stars was born from her own experience at baby groups with her son. While her little one enjoyed the classes, Michelle started thinking of new ideas and different ways to entertain, coming up with the concept of a fun group for children and parents alike.

Using her many skills gained from working in the entertainment industry, Michelle’s classes not only entertain little ones, but also help them develop during those crucial early years. From superhero fun to disco dancing, Baby Fun Stars promises to put the fun back into baby classes. 

Baby Fun Stars is a wonderful, shared experience for both of you!  

Let Baby Fun Stars take you and your baby to a fantastic and magical world filled with laughter and music.   

An engaging baby class to stimulate the senses; Baby Fun Stars is an interactive, developmental and visual experience,

Perfect for pre-walking babies, aged 0-12 months, each week you and your little one can discover lots of activities that aid development such as light wands, messy play, puppets, instruments and pop tunes. Baby Fun Stars is a place where your baby can blossom, discover and have FUN!

About Us


Meet Michelle

Michelle is the brains - and fun - behind Baby Fun Stars! As a professional entertainer for over 20 years, Michelle Stevens knows how to keep a crowd entertained. During her days as a backing singer to artists such as Dannii Minogue and St Etienne, she never imagined that one day her audience would literally be quite so small – or so noisy!